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M. Smith






Sean is hands down the most helpful and insightful therapist I’ve worked with in the past 20 years I’ve been in therapy.  Having experienced a wide variety of traditions, from DBT and somatic experiencing to holistic healing to more traditional models, I am beyond impressed with Sean’s ability to draw from all these modalities culminating in a unique way of counseling that has resulted in so much progress after a mere 3 sessions.  I feel a sense of empowerment and emotional stability I haven’t felt before due to his ability to be compassionate and empathetic, while empowering me to find my soul wisdom and true nature. He offers a blend of guided meditations that have connected me to my inner child with some of the most valuable advice and gentle guidance I’ve ever heard, and his knowledge of the medicine and how it relates to daily life is unparalleled.  I highly recommend him and couldn’t be happier with my own results to the point I’ve started working with him exclusively as I get more out of one session with him than years working with past therapists.





Sean is an incredibly skilled therapist. I have been working with him for almost a year and I am amazed at the progress I have made in this short time. He is insightful, compassionate and deeply present. One of the things I most appreciate about Sean is his ability to create a safe and trusting environment. This is so important to me because I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and my healing process can be really hard at times, and often scary.

I also appreciate Sean’s therapeutic approach. He uses mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques very effectively and the methods I learn in therapy can be used in my everyday life. Being able to do work on my own helps me be more actively engaged in my healing and have more agency in the process. This is really empowering and healing all by itself. 

Because of my work with Sean, I now feel more embodied in my life and I have more confidence in my ability to respond to overwhelming feelings. I am also much more open and interested in facing my fears and exploring my triggers. Incredibly, my anxiety and depression are much, much better and I even feel happy! I honestly never thought all of this was possible. Sean is a really amazing therapist— I would have liked to use “magical” and “super hero” and “funniest therapist ever” to describe him in this testimonial, but I wasn’t sure where to fit them in. I can’t thank Sean enough for his support and guidance and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Julie Carlson


Titus Johnson


North Carolina





I have noticed a huge difference in how I approach life, my attitude, my demeanor and how I handle stress these days. I have gotten back to my happy go lucky self, seem much happier and getting along much better with my wife. I learned a lot from your teachings and have incorporated and been practicing what I took from your workshop. Much happier and have the patience I had several years ago again. Not sweating the small stuff anymore and have a more big picture approach to life. I feel like I can see the forest for the trees again.

The mindfulness and meditation practices that you taught have been highly beneficial and I thank you immensely for what you taught me. The tracing the wire concept to what is causing one’s anger, depression and anxiety has been very beneficial as well. I have also made a conscious effort to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. I could go on forever about the benefits I gained from your workshop Sean but I would have to write a book. I don’t feel like I am turning into a grumpy and cantankerous old man anymore.

I had to share this. On the 14th of this month my wife and I were involved in a serious accident. Nobody was hurt bad, I totaled my 2017 Silverado. A lady driving at night in the rain without headlights hit us. I can truly say what you taught me definitely had an impact on how I processed and handled this situation. I remained unbelievably calm and handled it in a very healthy and positive manner. I have to attribute that to your teachings and The Temple. Thanks again for what you taught Bradley and I Sean.

Keep doing what you’re doing brother. Take care!!!

Sean is a truly amazing psychotherapist and integration consultant. I booked in to speak to Sean following having an episode of psychosis triggered by plant medicine. I was in a very scared and weak place. The instant I spoke to Sean I felt a sense of relief. I trusted his wisdom and his skills and knew he would help me. We had four sessions together and the transformation I have felt is incredible. Every time we spoke, he managed to see beyond my small worries and complaints and get to the source of my problems. He led me on some guided meditations which gave me some surprising breakthroughs. Sean is a natural and gifted intuitive healer with a pragmatic and scientific approach. He is knowledgeable, down to earth and a warm and friendly person. Thank you so much for your help Sean!


Laura Lamn


Rafael Suvaii


I recently had the privilege to work with Sean during a Mindfulness and the Medicine retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light.  I was dealing with some intense chronic pain. Sean shared with me tools utilising my awareness that greatly contributed to the relief and also the acceptance of the pain and my situation, letting go of the condition that I would accept the situation only if the pain got better.  It got to a point where I stopped “suffering” and just experience sensations in my arm.  I also had experiences where the pain would evaporate and totally leave my body.   I actually, after many years trying, learned to meditate and really connect to my awareness at this retreat with the help of Sean. It was quite amazing! I would highly recommend anyone, pain or not, to get at least one session with Sean especially before or during a plant medicine retreat.


I worked with Sean during a plant medicine retreat called “Mindfulness and The Medicine”.  As someone who has recovered from substance addictions I have experienced a number of different therapists and different modalities as part of my recovery over the last five years.  These include systemic therapy, NLP, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and EMDR.  Although I had made a huge amount of progress over a five year period and was completely free from my addictive behaviour I decided to work with plant medicine as I had still not managed to heal the core issues behind the addiction, which stemmed from a deep sense of shame.  Most probably developed during childhood due to my early family dynamics. 

Unlike a lot of the other retreat participants I would not describe myself as an overtly spiritual person and the reason I chose the Mindfulness and The Medicine retreat was because Sean was involved, a degree qualified psychotherapist with a specialism in CBT.  I found Sean to be exceptionally helpful throughout the retreat.  The group sessions he held were all very informative and insightful and really allowed me to look at some of the unhelpful automatic thought patterns and to start to deconstruct some of them.  I also turned to Sean for a lot of 1-2-1 help and support around how to make sense of some of the plant medicine ceremonies – his understanding and experience of The Medicine was vital in me processing a lot of what went on.  He was also able to give me a lot of practical advice on things it would be helpful for me to integrate into my life on my return to the UK.  In my opinion one of the best things about Sean as a therapist is his manner.  He effortlessly combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of his profession with a relaxed and down-to-earth attitude which promotes a real feeling of safety and enabled me to build trust very quickly allowing me to open up.  I hope to work with Sean again at another retreat some point in the future and if I need any additional support through the integration period I will certain contact him.


W Hampton


Karen Lopez







I met Sean in February of 2018 when he was asked to speak for just a few moments to a group of people that I was in, to introduce us to Mindfulness.   Not only did he speak with us for the 15 minutes that was “allotted” but also he gave freely more of his time and stayed for 2 hours! His genuine compassion was obvious and needless to say he earned the respect of everyone in the group.  

From that very moment, I knew that I just had to work on my issues with Sean and just over a year later I had the great honor of doing so, for 23 days, as part of another group of individuals, specifically signed up to work with Mindfulness, with Sean.   

I sat, I watched, and I listened as Sean interacted with and created an instant and genuine rapport with everyone in the group, myself included.   The comfort level of everyone in the group was high and the respect and admiration of Sean was even higher. I know this and can say so because there were and have been many conversations about Sean stating so, with these people who have now become my friends.

For me, his greatest feat was getting me to open up and talk.  I have extreme trust issues and they are magnified when it comes to men but yet I found myself wanting to, if not needing to talk with Sean to work on my issues.  

I had a Psychotherapist who I trusted implicitly until the time if her death one year ago.  I never thought I would find another that could even enter the same “arena” of brilliance, compassion, and authenticity as her.  Sean unknowingly did so, proving me wrong and frankly, I’m quite happy that he did.

It’s been 2 months since I worked with Sean and now instead of hearing and visualizing the great encouragements and lessons learned from my former Psychotherapist echoing through my memory as I navigate life, I now hear and see Sean’s teachings and encouragements “right along side her” doing the same!  

It truly was my ABSOLUTE HONOR to spend those 3 weeks working with Sean.  Not only were they encouraging and chalked full of lessons, they were life saving and life changing.  I am and forever will be grateful to and in complete awe of Sean.





I recently worked with Sean at a Mindfulness and the Medicine retreat in the jungles of Peru. His down to earth attitude, good nature and amazing sense of humor made it incredibly easy to open up and feel safe while undergoing quite challenging work. He has a gift for cutting through the fat and engaging in a clear, concise manner that is approachable and fun. Sean has a seemingly endless well of patience and was available non-stop day and night for the 23 days I attended the workshop. His level of care and dedication is only born of someone who truly loves what they do. It was an absolute honor to share that jungle space with him.

Matthew Hoffman


Tyler Morgan


I had several meetings with Sean both prior to and after working with the medicine at the Temple of the Way of Light. He had incredible compassion and empathy in regards to my questions, experiences and emotions. Sean was able to relate, as well as, communicate mindfully to my experiences and connect the art of psychotherapy healing to aid me in understanding the personal integration techniques. Interestingly Seans’ ‘Psychology of Healing’ courses addressed personal tribulations that I had originally thought would be experienced with the medicine. The Temple has an incredible team and Sean is an essential example of the support offered. I would greatly recommend to have at least a session with Sean before or after your retreat.


I worked with Sean on the Mindfulness and the Medicine retreat in Summer 2019. I also purchased a one hour private session with Sean, prior to attending that retreat. It was worthwhile taking the one hour session with Sean because at the time I didn’t know what to expect from the retreat and it helped to set the tone and prepare myself mentally for the work I would do. Throughout the retreat I had several private sessions with Sean where I was able to really work through some deeply held core beliefs that were limiting my ability to make progress. I gained a deeper trust and confidence in Sean because of his open approach and calm listening style. He made suggestions which were relevant to each stage of my progress and I felt heard by him. With the trust I gained, I felt able to go further into some deeply held shame and shine the light there which just seemed to evaporate those feelings.  I feel absolutely fine now about some things that I had thought I would never be able to come to terms with. I am very grateful to Sean for working through those issues with me and since then I have been able to see my life and past experiences in a totally different light. His therapy sessions were the perfect adjunct to the work with plant medicine because nothing that came up in ceremony was off limits in conversation, this allowed for my full expression and the possibility of a real transformation. Sean’s mindfulness sessions were relevant, fun and enjoyable, everyone in the session who wanted to was able to participate. Sean made sure he understood each person who wanted to share in the group and would really drill down into the issue that arose to see it through to a conclusion that left the sharer with something valuable. He is very skilled at this kind of work. I would absolutely recommend working in therapy or self development with Sean, particularly in the context of trauma, plant medicine, CBT or mindfulness. With heartfelt thanks.


Amanda Sparkles



British Columbia,






Sean is a knowledgeable and intuitive integration therapist. His knowledge and guidance through asking the right questions and engaging in useful mind exercises allowed for a safe, non judgmental and enlightening experience while working with plant medicines. I now have some tools that enable me to retain and expand on the healing that I received while working with him. Sean is a likable and compassionate person who understands plant medicines and genuinely cares about the people he interacts with. I would recommend him as a psychotherapist and integration coach to any and all that have the opportunity to work with him. Your experience will be enhanced.





I really enjoyed working with Sean. I learned many different healing tools from him that I incorporated into my work with plant medicine. Sean offers a very friendly, warm, calm, open and humble yet confident presence. He truly listens to you and is very present. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Sean!

Rachel Nova


Vana Paran







I was blessed to work with Sean Chiddy at a Mindfulness and the Medicine retreat. There are times in life where words fail us. For me that is a fairly rare occurrence, but when it does, that’s when I know I’ve hit gold. I will do my best to express the gratitude that I feel.

I’m fortunate that my first experience of working with plant medicine was interwoven with the mindfulness sessions delivered by Sean. The sessions created a foundational structure that I was able to access in the depths of the ceremonies when you have no idea what realm you’re in…or if “you” even exist. On many occasions, when I started to get pulled into the undertow, I would hear a very faint voice throw out a life raft “I am willing” or “sit with it”. I would grab on to it for dear life to help me gather the strength to sit up and remember why I came here. It would remind me of my intention. These little pearls helped me cease resisting and dive into the murky waters of my mind and soul that I have been ignoring most of my life. I remember after one of the ceremonies, I had tears streaming down my face and all I could think was “I am so grateful that Sean exists”

I also found Sean’s humble confidence pivotal in how the information was delivered. Humble in the sense that he didn’t claim ownership of what he was sharing. He delivered a bunch of tools that could be utilized in the realm of the ceremonies, but more importantly in our everyday lives.  He was able to remain impartial and allow us to determine what works for us. He was confident in how he delivered the information, he wasn’t trying to portray a certain image, and he was simply himself. This created a safe container where I could be myself and dig deeper into my psyche.

The guidance Sean provided was not only helpful in the midst of the ceremonies. Since I’ve been back to real life, I have been keeping up with the tools that were presented. I heal a little more with each dive I take. 

I could go on and on about how grateful I am to have met Sean, but I’ll end it here. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be guided by Sean in this pivotal journey. There is no question, I will definitely be attending more of his workshops as I progress through my work with plant medicine.

Feedback from Ieso Digital Health,

where I previously provided online therapy.



Dear Sean,

I am delighted to inform you that you have been identified as one of our top performing therapists. The clinical team have closely reviewed your work and outcome data. This review has included three Cognitive Therapy Scales – Revised (CTS-Rs), a review of your use of disorder specific protocols, patient engagement and clinical outcomes. I want to personally thank-you for all your hard work with Ieso patients. You should be justly proud of your work!

We would like to let you know that this is not only appreciated by all of us at Ieso but more importantly to acknowledge that the therapy you are delivering is changing people’s lives for the better.

It goes without saying that if you have any questions about your work at Ieso or anything I have written in this email that you should not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes


- Sarah Bateup,

  Chief Clinical Officer





I felt fully held, yet sovereign to have and experience whatever came up. It's evident he cares.  His offerings whether its meditation, mindfulness classes, TRE (trauma release exercise), drop-ins, or post-integration work are empowering for the journey inward, and all with a sense of wit and humor. It helps enormously amidst all the seriousness to have a gentle steady voice remind you "the scariest dragon guards the greatest treasure and shit makes great fertilizer."

Lisa Dang

Utah, USA

Lydia Samuel
Entrepreneurship Lead
Ashley Community & Housing Ltd 

Bristol, UK





We found that Sean has an aura of calm and both his presence and soothing voice, despite via a screen, have been a very positive and relaxing influence on our teams. As our teams are spread across different Cities this was a great benefit to us as it brought us together in a new way.

Many had not experienced mindfulness previously but now feel able to use lots of the tools he's provided. One team member wrote down some of his words during his first session “Approach solves problems. Avoidance maintains problems” and she has Post-It notes stuck on her computer screen where they continue to inspire. She is not alone with having many take-aways from the sessions. The mindfulness practices at the end were fantastic and enjoyed by all.

Being able to feedback in between sessions allowed us to work on the relevant issues that were affecting our team, this was enabled by Sean’s fluid approach. His knowledge is first class and the perspective he shared ensured the team were able to understand their thoughts and use new, progressive ideas, to work with them. He struck up a strong following with a core number of the team and we highly recommend him and his work.

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