Ayahuasca Integration sessions are to help you bring what is arising in your life into a sense of harmony and order and to gain traction with new directions. Working with ayahuasca is a potent catalyst for change. It can bring a great sense of inspiration and new potential; but there can be periods when this is accompanied by feelings of doubt, fear, uncertainty or confusion. The transition process is not instant, and sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart even before we have a clear sense of what might replace it.





Things you used to do may not seem interesting or appropriate anymore. Your relationships may be shifting and changing. Your priorities may be changing, sometimes dramatically. It may seem like you can’t quite resolve something that has arisen or you might want to make more sense out of our new ways of being. Sometimes you might just be feeling stuck and in need of some help working through things from a professional who has an understanding of working with plant medicines.






I will work with you compassionately, drawing on a range of self-inquiry methods and practical strategies drawn from my professional training, experience as a psychotherapist and my personal understanding of working with plant medicines, to help you confidently process and integrate what you are facing.



My goal is that you feel well supported through your integration process and emerge feeling more and more self-confident and living with increasing joy and fulfillment.