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Six Week Online Applied Mindfulness Skills Course

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Edit: This course is now complete. If you are interested in future courses you can register your interest now by emailing me at

Sessions are very interactive. The way I work involves some important set-piece concepts that demonstrate what I believe are core, practical and helpful basic understandings about our mind, based on my work as a psychologist and psychotherapist working with people from around the world and observing the commonalities about the things we seem to get stuck on. Alongside the set-piece sessions we will work very fluidly to make sure everyone understands things personally by being able to connect in their own way.

Some of the core ideas we'll explore are:

A nuanced understanding of how to apply mindfulness related strategies to facilitate emotional healing and build a sense of resilience.

How to confidently work with thoughts, emotions and body sensations that are triggered when you are distressed.

Distinguishing between having a thought or distressing feeling; and identifying with it, as though it defines who you are.

How to let your awareness do what it can do, without interfering, so you can discover more about the profound peace within you.

How to identify when you are “in the way” of this, and how to “get out of the way”, to let awareness do the work for you so things can shift where previously you have felt stuck.

When things are not shifting, how to investigate that in a way that helps, rather than hinders, the process.

A rational approach to challenging negative beliefs and creating behavioral experiments/games to overcome things that you have been stuck on.

The types of outcomes people typically report are:

A greater sense of freedom around negative thoughts and feelings.

A nuanced understanding of the relationship between the dynamic expressions of the mind and personality and the subtle non-dynamic “self” that lies behind it.

Increased sense of stability and resilience through recognizing the safety and reliability of this deeper sense of self.

Greater acceptance of the fluctuations of their state of mind.

Reduced perception of themself as chaotic and “out of control”.

Healing from traumas.

The emergence of more frequent periods of inner peace, happiness and contentment.

Greater appreciation and enjoyment of the unique and dynamic experience of their personality.

Greater confidence to engage in selective risk taking and going outside your comfort zone in order to make the most of your life.

Who is this for?:

This course might be for you if:

You want to learn about mindfulness and self healing in a personalized and down to earth atmosphere.

You have tried unsuccessfully to learn mindfulness but want to feel more confident about it.

You know a bit about mindfulness but want to learn how to apply it to the things that specifically bother you or cause you distress.

You want to understand it in a practical way so you can get free of some things you’ve been stuck on.

You want to know how to get results NOW, on the issues that you face day to day, in a way that also contributes to a greater understanding of what mindfulness is all about in the long run.

You want to learn with an experienced therapist holding each individual in the group so that when things come up you are supported through them.

About me:

I've been practicing healing meditation based on specialist applications of mindfulness since 2004 and these practices have become the bedrock of my way of taking care of my state of mind. I feel incredibly blessed to have learned them and they have helped me in ways that are beyond words. I originally learned with the Institute for the Study of Peak States of Consciousness and a private mentor and meditation teacher who was previously a part of that school and to whom I am eternally grateful. I went on to qualify and practice in Australia as a psychologist and in the UK as a CBT psychotherapist. I have worked with plant medicines, since 2011, mainly in the Shipibo tradition and have facilitated workshops and retreats combining these practices in the UK, Peru, Costa Rica and Thailand. I continue to study a wide range of approaches that utilize awareness as a central focus and am currently completing further training in Dr Gabor Maté`s Compassionate Inquiry. I live in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Some feedback from past clients and workshops: "Sean is hands down the most helpful and insightful therapist I’ve worked with in the past 20 years I’ve been in therapy." M Smith, USA

“I could go on forever about the benefits I gained from your workshop Sean but I would have to write a book.” Titus Johnson, Wilmington, North Carolina

“Sean is a truly amazing psychotherapist and integration consultant.” Laura Lamn, UK

“I actually, after many years trying, learned to meditate and really connect to my awareness at this retreat with the help of Sean. It was quite amazing!” Rafael Suvaii, USA

“Mindfulness and the Medicine with Sean has been absolutely amazing. He is an incredible teacher. After two years, or three years of reading about Buddhism and trying to meditate I finally understand how it’s happening. I have the sense and I have absolute certainty that I can do it. The tools that I got here are invaluable for me.” DC, Tel Aviv, Israel

“From that lens (of mindfulness) I was able to go deeper into my experience, because, what isn’t enhanced with mindfulness!? It offers a language that makes the plant medicine experience something that can be apprehended and metabolized. This particular workshop offers a very accessible language for something that’s ineffable.” Sabrina Laura, Psychotherapist, Vermont, USA

“It’s perfect! It’s perfect in the sense that it is very well balanced. The mindfulness program is spot on. It’s a program that is unique and I would recommend for anyone who gets the calling for this” Walin, Beirut, Lebanon

“I thought I had a pretty good handle on mindfulness and Sean took me two or three levels down on how to use mindfulness in a rational way. Sean using mindfulness based CBT was really good for me and I’m going to take all that back to my work. I have a whole different approach now. I’ve got nothing but kudos for Sean. He did a wonderful job.” John Simpson, Addictions Counsellor, Saskatoon, Canada

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