The Coaching process is about having an ally to help you achieve your goals in life. Many people find it extremely beneficial to have someone help them get focused, define goals, plan actions and stay motivated. We can certainly do things alone, but often with a Performance Coach to help us stay accountable, we are able to achieve a better outcome with less procrastination and a greater sense of effectiveness. In addition a coach can help us see our blind spots, get unstuck and address skill shortages.

It can be invaluable to take the time to reflect on where you want to head in life and what you want to be doing. There will inevitably be barriers to overcome, both internal psychological barriers and practical external life challenges. A coach can help you develop successful ways of overcoming these barriers so you can be accountable for your actions and maximise your chances of success. Performance Coaching via Skype or telephone is an extremely convenient and effective way of coaching because it lets you connect with your coach when and where you want to. This allows you to make chances right away after your sessions to get maximum traction towards your goals.

I use a potent fusion of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural and desire based strategies for coaching. This involves reflecting on your core values and finding what excites and fulfils you. By defining your desired goals in alignment with this you will find it much easier to move forward effectively. Learning how to take immediate action in line with your goals when progress opportunities are identified is a great way to overcome inertia and stagnation.

One of the key skills in achieving any changes is stress management. If you know how to identify and effectively respond to signs of stress, you can maintain your best state of mind and increase your resilience. Whatever you seek to achieve, a certain level of stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to stop you. The secret is knowing how to beat it. During Performance Coaching you can learn effective stress management skills. With the right stress management skills you can avert the buildup of stress and keep on track to your goals.