Event: Intimate Transformation Intensive, Koh Phanang, Thailand, January 2020

Taking some time and space to actively work with intimacy and relationships has been amongst the most fun, exciting, fulfilling and transformative things I’ve done. So I’m really happy to be stepping into this space again supporting Justine Baruch as team psychotherapist in the upcoming Intimate Transformation Intensive (ITI) next January, 2020 in Koh Phanang, Thailand. Many of us seem to experience intimate relationships as a very hit and miss space in which we try our best without really knowing what the hell we are doing. Along with all the wonderful parts we also encounter a lot of disappointment and lack of fulfilment that is often hard to acknowledge due to fears on many fronts such as creating a mess, upsetting our partners, being rejected, hurting someone or being hurt. Maybe we end up concluding that to be really satisfied is simply an unattainable fantasy and resign ourselves to much less than we really desire. I know from my own experience and from witnessing others do this work that really exploring intimacy and relationships reveals that so much more is attainable than we ever realized. It is profound work. For bookings and more information see https://justinebaruch.com/intimate-transformation-intensive.