Event: 9-Day Integration Intensive Ayahuasca Retreat – Peru, August 2017

From August 7 to 15th, 2017, I’ll be assisting at a 9-Day Integration Intensive Ayahuasca Retreat with Dr. Tanya Maté at the Temple of the Way of Light in Peru. The retreat will combine the work of Shipibo healers with in-depth group processing, that will serve to bridge the teachings of ayahuasca with a psycho-spiritual understanding of the Western mind.

The group work will provide a framework for inquiry into the self, increasing your understanding of your ceremony experiences and giving you direction for continuing the work in your day-to-day life. While ceremonies themselves provide profound healing, integration — the process of bringing the medicine teachings into your life — is an equally important piece of the work, and one that is often too easily overlooked. The group processing will help to set the stage for powerful integration once you go back into your life.

For more information or to book your place, click here, to access the website of the Temple of the Way of Light.